Letter: Good and bad ways of spending the National Lottery proceeds

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Sir: Your research into the amount of National Lottery money people think is being set aside for charities ("Poll adds to the unease over use of lottery cash", 2 May) will come as no surprise to those of us in voluntary organisations who are charged with the task of raising money. Camelot has succeeded in fudging the question of how much money charities actually receive.

Remember the advertisements which appeared last year showing examples of charitable work likely to benefit from the National Lottery? The clear message from Camelot was (and still is) "buy a lottery ticket and you will be supporting charity". Your research shows that this message is misleading the public into buying lottery tickets at the expense of charitable giving.

Crossroads welcomes theNational Lottery because of the opportunity to provide new money for the 7 million people in the UK who care at home for a sick, disabled or frail relative. However, the best way of supporting a charity remains a direct donation.

Yours faithfully,


Chief Executive


Caring for Carers

London, WC1