Letter: Good intentions and arms sales

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Sir: Richard Lloyd Parry, in his report of 25 June, comments on the Indonesian Armed Forces (ABRI) as playing a "physical role in suppressing internal dissent in Indonesia". In fact, ABRI have shown a long-established moral duty in advancing Indonesia into a stable and prosperous nation, a role that has been acknowledged by the whole Indonesian nation and indeed the international community. ABRI have successfully proved themselves as a guarantor of stability and unity for Indonesia, a country which has a unique political character as a result of its huge geographical situation and diverse customs and cultures.

Mr Lloyd Parry's report that ABRI have been accused of human rights abuses that includes torture and murder, especially in East Timor, is not correct and merely compliance with that which has long been propagated by Indonesia's detractors. On the contrary, the government of Indonesia under the leadership of President Suharto continues to show its strong commitment to uphold and promote human rights. It established National Commission on Human Rights and became a member of the UN Commission on Human Rights.



Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia

London W1