LETTER : Good value at opera houses

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From Mr Jeremy Isaacs

Sir: Raymond Gubbay's uncharacteristically intemperate attack on the Royal Opera House is totally unjustified ("Royal Opera House 'elitist and wasteful' ", 11 October). His allegations are without foundation.

Our stage practice has been and is the subject of continuing critical review and improvement. Our productivity is extremely high and our costs, as every other international opera house bears witness, extremely low. And opera lovers, from upper slips to orchestra stalls, come to Covent Garden because they enjoy themselves.

I wish Mr Gubbay well at the Royal Albert Hall, where the Royal Opera gave Ballo in Maschera last season. But he need not publicise his wares by irresponsibly denigrating others.

Yours faithfully,

Jeremy Isaacs

General Director

Royal Opera House

London, WC2

11 October