Letter: Goodbye, Guides; hello guys

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Sir: I was interested by the letter from the Chief Scout (4 July). I was a Guide at St Matthew's, Westminster, in the Forties, and a tomboy. I went to camp with Guides on many occasions and enjoyed it, but my captain found my high spirits a problem.

So, with a very understanding Akela, a Miss Edwards, I went camping instead with the Cubs. It was such a success that from then on I went only to Cub meetings and they contrived a uniform for me, including the Scout hat. I went on to be Akela of Peter's Own Cub Pack at St Stephen's in Westminster, and have photographs of myself with Lord Peter Baden-Powell, who never found it odd there was a girl among them.

I am just glad that girls now have a choice, and girls such as me can join the boys.

Yours sincerely,


London, SW20