Letter: Goodbye to the red flag of Islington

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From Mr Steve Hitchins

Sir: I regret to say that Andrew Grant-Adamson's enthusiasm for new Labour in Islington is misplaced (letter, 15 May). The red flag still flies from the town hall on the day of every council meeting, admittedly alongside others, including the UN, the EU and the Union flags.

For how much longer this remains the state of affairs will be interesting. At the last full meeting of the council, the Liberal Democrat opposition argued that the red flag was a symbol of oppression and inappropriate to fly from a civic building in these pluralist times. We called for a vote that the red flag no longer be flown from the town hall.

I suggest that the red flag will be gone by this time next year.

Yours faithfully,


Deputy Leader of the Opposition

Islington Council

London, N1

16 May

The writer is a Liberal Democrat.