Letter: Gower's is not the only grace

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Sir: It was with disbelief that I read that David Gower, the highest-scoring batsman in English Test cricket history, had not been selected for the tour of Sri Lanka and India. I have to agree with Martin Johnson ('Gower dumped but Gatting recalled', 8 September) that the reasons given for dropping Gower are absurd. Players of his ability and flair are rare, not to mention his sportsmanship and unselfish commitment to English Test cricket.

After 20 years of living in England, I have grown to like cricket, unknown in my country, Colombia. By watching the performances of players like David Gower, particularly his elegant batting style, through which I have grasped the meaning of 'timing', and his conduct on the field and in comment, my interest in the game has increased and my curiosity been roused to try to understand its complicated rules.

It is sad to realise that the so-called 'selectors' lack the vision to select such an obvious candidate. Is this not a perfect example of, 'It's just not cricket'?

Yours faithfully,


Kingston, Surrey

10 September