LETTER : `Grapes of Wrath': Lebanon pays the price for Israel's securit y fears

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Sir: After throwing out Palestinians from their homes, it is now the turn of the Lebanese. Where will it all end? The international community should look at the behaviour of Israelis and tell them in no uncertain terms that enough is enough.

Our Defence Secretary's attempt to support Israel is condemnable. "It is the right of every country to have security and defend herself," says Michael Portillo (report, 16 April). What about the right of Lebanon? Does not Lebanon have the right to its security, which is now threatened by Israel by its bombing raids.

The destruction of power stations in Beirut, the emptying of villages of their inhabitants, and punishing civilians for the so-called "terrorist" acts of Hizbollah cannot be termed defensive measures.

Shaikh Mohommad

Croydon, Surrey