Letter: Green farm aid fails to add up

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Sir: It is wrong to say that "organic farming relies on the use of organic fertilisers" ("Go organic? Let us spray ...", 10 April). Organic farming relies on sustaining the fertility of the soil, by enhancing and stimulating microbial activity and encouraging the presence of humus. Of course animal manures play a vital part but, since organic farming by definition is rotational, the manures are normally produced on the farm as part of the operation, and not brought in from outside.

Organic farmers everywhere are closely in touch with their customers; and the proliferation of "vegbox schemes" which supply organic food that is really fresh at low prices to all sorts of households, has been one of the most exciting changes in food marketing in recent years, and is driving the introduction of new schemes to make more land available for the production of the increased supplies that are needed.

Hilary Jones

Egerton, Kent