Letter: Green spaces in the Square Mile

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Sir: While I cannot comment on the scheme submitted for the development of Paternoster Square (which will be considered by our planning committee in due course), I must correct a statement made by Kenneth Billings (Letters, 7 August).

He is quite wrong when he says that the only green sites in the City are 'the remaining churchyards'. As a recent survey conducted by the City of London Polytechnic found, there are more than 350 open spaces and 2,000 trees within the Square Mile. It has long been our objective to ensure that, no matter at which corner within the City you stand, you should be able to see a tree, garden or green space, and we are firmly committed to maintaining the existing green spaces in the City - and to creating new ones, wherever possible.

Those who visit the City are surprised to find so many green spaces and trees in one of the world's most densely built-up business areas. We have no doubts about their aesthetic and social value to the people who live or work in the City.

Yours faithfully,


Chief Commoner

Corporation of London

London, EC2

7 August