Letter: Green welly brigade are not the only ones loyal to our historic counties

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Sir: Christian Wolmar's article entitled 'The 1974 disasters, Part II' (29 April) eloquently explains the dilemma facing local government as it heads towards the new millennium.

For a regime that is constantly berated by central government for its alleged failings and inadequacies, local government has actually delivered the goods and services to local communities. Contrary to what central government might think of the ability of local government to meet local needs, the fact that there are relatively few serious complaints laid at local authorities' doorsteps indicates that the present system has, by and large, served people well over the last 20 years.

In the shadow of the local government review, an old joke is brought to mind: the pedestrian, when asked by the motorist for the way to Northampton, replies, 'Well, I wouldn't start from here if I were you]'. While many in

local government would echo those sentiments, the likelihood of Sir John Banham and his team delivering something better as a result of his roving review is not high.

Yours faithfully,


Professional Services Manager

The Institue of Chartered

Secretaries and Administrators

London, W1

29 April