Letter: Grown-up politics

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THE PRIME Minister's current solution for the political situation in Northern Ireland is "inclusive politics", a system where the participation of all political parties in government is mandatory ("Hope on the brink of ruin", 18 July). Presumably the much-rumoured upcoming reshuffle will see Conservatives and Liberal Democrats, among others, conscripted into the ranks of the Government. If not, are we to believe that grown- up politics is the preserve of the English, with the Celtic fringe relegated to make-believe devolved government? If the performance of our elected representatives at Stormont and in the media over the past week is any guide, it is hard to imagine that co-operation between the members of a power-sharing government will endure long. Will devolved government, like the peace process, become stalled?

I would suggest to Mr Blair a different form of inclusive politics. Why does the Labour Party not put forward candidates in Northern Ireland constituencies in the next election? Until we can play a full part in UK politics, every election here becomes another referendum on participation.


Kircubbin, Co Down