Letter: Guarding life

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MAY I point out that the Society for the Protection of Unborn Children has, for over a quarter of a century, campaigned democratically in the public arena and in politics to bring back protection of pre- born human life in Britain ('Yuk factor or SPUC factor', 17 July). This has involved, as any other campaigning group will appreciate, educating and informing the public of our point of view in opposition to arguments put forward by those who support abortion and closely related issues such as destructive research upon embryonic human life.

Our public campaign is based on accurate information, much of it obtained from bodies that support human embryo experimentation. Using eggs from late-aborted female babies has been recognised by even pro- abortionists as a step too far.

What we ask is for people to think more deeply and to ask themselves why we as a society have come so far in losing respect even for the peace of an aborted female foetus. We say that once society believes there is life that is not worthy of total respect and protection - even from the first moment of conception - then we will cease to respect and protect.

Paul Botto

SPUC Development Officer