Letter: Hague: the expendable Tory leader

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Letter: Hague: the


Tory leader

Sir: The right wingers of the Tory Party resemble the left wingers of the Labour Party in at least one respect, they believe that the reason their policies are rejected by the electorate is that they have not been implemented in their full extremity. The obvious solution, to them, is to move the whole party and its policies in their direction.

How odd, then, that many right-wing Tory MPs appear to be favouring the youthful William Hague in the leadership contest to the point of rejecting Michael Howard on the first ballot.

Could the explanation be that their true desire is for the return of a certain "MP" at some future time, preferably just prior to the winning of a general election? They may feel that Mr Hague does not have the inner steel or the depth of support to withstand their Machiavellian plots, which would make him their ideal, expendable leader.