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From Mr David Aukin

Sir: As the commissioning editor at Channel 4 responsible for the part- funding of Four Weddings and a Funeral, may I be allowed to refute the suggestion in Paul Caira's otherwise excellent letter (27 April) that the ending of the film was changed to accommodate Andie MacDowell. There is no basis for this ungallant assertion and it is quite untrue.

Gerald Kaufman (Another View: "Bafta's marital mistake", 25 April) also needs to be reminded, contrary to his oft-repeated statements, that part of the profits of this film will remain in this country because of the contribution made by Channel 4.

More important, the success of the film has been of great encouragement across the board for film-makers, and has provided increased interest in British films worldwide. Must we fall into the awful national habit of deriding our successes?

Yours sincerely,


Head of Drama

Channel 4

London, SW1

27 April