LETTER: Happy to be an adopted child

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YOUR article " 'I must find the baby I gave away' " (21 May) concerning adoption roused me to respond on behalf of the silent majority - those of us who are adopted and happy.

I was adopted in the early 1950s, and am fully aware of the circumstances surrounding my adoption. Were my natural mother to appear on my doorstep I would feel nothing but horror. This is not because I am angry or resentful towards her or the actions she took, but because I have living parents who have given me a life that I do not wish to be rent apart.

I feel sympathy for my natural mother, who was young at the time and a victim of social attitudes. But having made the decision that she did, I would admire her more for living with that decision.

From whence comes the colour of my hair and eyes is of no consequence to me at all. Much more important is the fact that I have been raised in a supportive and loving family.

E A Farmer