Letter: Happy to march with Gay Pride

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Sir: Mark Simpson ('Dear Lesbian and Gay Pride', 17 June) feels he has been on one too many Gay Pride marches, but isn't it sad to put the celebration down as he does? Gay Pride is a celebration of the gay rights movement. Without it, we would not enjoy as much freedom as we do. We recognise that more needs to be done to achieve equal rights in law and we march through London to show that we're here, there's plenty of us, and we want equality.

This year, I am going on my first march, and I will behave as I feel. Not proud to be gay, but proud of myself and proud of the gay rights movement for making my lifestyle acceptable to my peers, family and colleagues - proud to be an active part of the whole community.

It is not compulsory to blow whistles and scream at unsuspecting bystanders, though some will find it fun to do so. They like to shock, but what about the bulk of us who, like Mark Simpson, are simply happy to be alive?

Yours sincerely,



17 June