Letter: Hard and soft news

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Sir: All will be fine with touchy-feely news media, says Suzanne Moore (article, 7 November). As she says, "Consumer stories, human interest stories, quirky stories, do attract audiences. The big stories lately, whether Diana or Louise Woodward, are undoubtedly human interest stories and no less important for that."

The US administration's flinch from a hard decision on climate change is now last week's news, while the Paula Jones sexual harassment case seems set to run and run. One will certainly be followed more avidly by more people than the other - but is that any guide to importance?

One can picture a similar line in the 1930s: "Never mind that middle- aged, middle-class male stuff about boring old German politics and Hitler - let's have some more about Edward and Mrs Simpson's romance!" Which would be just the way to ensure that millions of people eventually suffer in ignorance.


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