Letter: Harrods chief willing to swear

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Sir: In his piece analysing the effects of the Willetts affair ("Self-regulation scores a victory in the House", 12 December) Donald Macintyre quotes some unnamed Tories.

According to him, they were quietly pointing out that the recommendation that witnesses before the Commons Standards and Privileges Committee should in future give evidence under oath would constrain me if and when I was called to give evidence on the "cash for questions" affair. This is an unworthy suggestion and gives a completely wrong reading of the situation.

I have nothing to fear about giving evidence under oath - quite the contrary. I have told the truth throughout.

I shall continue to tell the truth to the committee or Sir Gordon Downey or to anyone who is prepared to investigate with vigour the political conspiracy of which I have been the victim. Perhaps that is the real reason those Tory MPs are quiet.


Chairman, Harrods

London SWI