LETTER: Headington's stars

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From Mr Paul Newnham

Sir: I was surprised to read, ("Oxford's whale of a battle", 7 August), that Headington was described as "an otherwise matter-of-fact English suburb". Not many English suburbs can lay claim to what Headington has or the characters that have spent time there.

It is the host of Oxford United FC and Graham Greene reputedly strolled its streets. Headington Hall has, in the past, been described as the largest council house in England (formerly a residence of Robert Maxwell). It is also the home of Ruskin College, a working-class college, formally attended by the current deputy leader of the Labour Party, John Prescott.

Jane Jakeman's remark, therefore, appears to be a bit of an understatement.

Yours faithfully,

Paul Newnham

London, SW4