Letter: He's scored!

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Letter: He's scored!

Sir: I'm in love! I'm in love! At last I've found a man desperate to avoid the World Cup. It makes my girlie little heart all aglow to know that Mr Right could be just round the corner, sipping champagne, not lager on the terraces, purchasing "proper" men's clothes and not a nasty nylon England strip! I refer of course to my new-found heart-throb, James McAndrew (letter, 6 May).

I was considering a desperate course of action, such as ringing Nasa and asking them to fly me to the moon for June and July. Escape seemed my only option. Is there anywhere a girl can go to avoid World Cup hysteria? Can anyone tell me? If not, I shall be joining James for champagne etc.

By the way, James, can you cook?


London W12