Letter: Hidden strategies of the EU vote

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Sir: The Government's insistence on no change to voting arrangements in the European Union by no means contradicts its expressed support for enlargement. The logic is clear: where minority interests can be relied upon to block any serious proposals, paralysis will ensue. Enlargement will therefore weaken the entire structure. The British government will then be able to blame future crises and indecision on the excessive bureaucracy of the Union.

The real problems of the European Union such as democratic accountability, the weakness of the European Parliament and the power of agricultural interest groups, will never be addressed by this government which has nothing constructive to offer on these issues, or indeed anything European.

The only disadvantage to the impending defeat for Conservative candidates in the European elections is that the UK government will be even more determined to ensure that this body experiences no increase in its powers.

Yours faithfully,


Sheriff Hutton, York

19 March