Letter: Hit by 'stray' cruise missiles

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Sir: My brother, a dentist, gave me a detailed, eyewitness account of the latest American attack on Baghdad. He lives in the road where the 'stray' cruise missiles fell. He explained on the phone the terror he, his wife and their three children lived through in the early hours of Sunday 27 June. They were completely unprepared and unsuspecting when the attack happened. They were asleep in their beds at the time.

He and his wife managed to get the screaming children to the basement, suffering some cuts from flying glass. They were left with shattered windows, a gaping hole in the roof of their house and children probably psychologically scarred for life. The other casualty was the family dog.

The houses on the other side of the road were severely affected. Three were demolished and several were very badly damaged. People in the neighbourhood after the attack were dazed and bewildered. Those that came to their senses were trying to dig out those buried under the rubble. Eight civilians died in the attacks and several others were injured. Little could be done to treat those seriously injured, due to a lack of essential medical supplies resulting from the sanctions.

The legality of the American action has been questioned by many. The immorality of attacking a target amidst residential areas without any warning to the civilians must be clear to all.

Yours sincerely,