Letter: Hoddle's masterstroke

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Sir: Ginger Spice quits the pop life at the same time as Paul Gascoigne is omitted from the England squad: I wonder if the two are entirely unconnected? Could this be, in fact, the strategic masterstroke of Glenn Hoddle that England's football fans have been so patiently waiting for? I for one will be hoping for a last-minute, sequinned surprise in the starting line-up against Tunisia.

Admittedly, Ginger Spice has yet to prove herself as a footballer at the highest level, but this has never been a barrier to inclusion in the England team. Her platforms could give us some much-needed height against Continental defences in the set pieces; her reputation for toughness will reassure Mr Hoddle that when the chips are down she will take that second yellow card without any unnecessary blubbing in front of the rest of the team.

May I be the first to applaud the England coach on this clandestine and audacious switch? I can only hope Miss Halliwell can be persuaded to take some time off product endorsement to put in some penalty-taking practice before the quarter-finals against the Germans.


London SW17