Letter: Home truths

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From Mr John Dean

Sir: You have recently published letters reflecting badly upon decisions by local authorities in determining proposals to alter listed buildings. It would be helpful if we could hear the views of the other side, the planning authorities. It would also be helpful if everyone could bear in mind that in this, as in many public affairs, we are dealing with a "system", and that it is rash indeed to judge a system only by instances of bad practice.

For every aggrieved applicant for planning permission or listed building consent, there must be dozens who have found the system reasonable and fair. I am confident that there would be even more who know that care for the environment must involve controls; who, rightly, would be shocked if our system were compromised. Publicity for achievements is rare, and the horrors that the system has stopped attract little attention, but they are many.

Yours faithfully,



Conservation Panel

Royal Town Planning Institute



22 March