Letter: Homemade jam and pop concerts do mix

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RAY GOSLING ('A curious chameleon', 4 July) thinks that local authorities should be encouraging ordinary people 'to do things in their sheds and grow their own, put two fingers up to shopping and make your own bloody jam'.

So he will be pleased to discover that Northampton Borough Council is still holding its annual show this month with craft tents and horticultural displays for 'allotment people'.

True, there won't be a guinea pig tent this year, nor that popular pastime of boot and shoe operatives the world over - show jumping - but is the fact that Showaddywaddy and a local band, The Jets, will be performing live on one of the evenings really so appalling?

Do come and join us Ray Gosling. There are reasons for voting Labour, and you can have bloody both.

John Dickie

Leader (Labour)

Northampton Borough Council