Letter: Hormones and behaving badly

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IN 'The Third Sex' (Real Life, 9 October) lesbian bisexual women in America claimed that regular injections of the hormone testosterone had given then a 'different perspective on life'. The women welcomed the increased sex drive and dampening of some emotions that they experienced as a result. The physiological effects of taking such a hormone - liver damage, increased risk of heart disease - did not appear to concern the women while the danger of hair loss did seem to represent a grave concern. Where do their priorities lie?

Hazardous driving, an inability to cry easily and rape were shrugged off as understandable 'male' behaviour on the grounds of biological incompetence. I believe these women have the right to inject whatever hormone they like into their bodies, but their comments do not liberate women. They further substantiate the argument that gender differences are the result of physiological facts not socialisation.

Louisa Beardsley