Letter: How Britain reveals its affection for the Germans

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Sir: The British people are often portrayed as being inward-looking and not positive towards Europe. My experience as a Labour candidate during these European elections proves that this view is outdated and does the people of this country a disservice.

I was born in Germany and came to Britain in 1974. I completed my higher education in this country and my husband and children are British. I retained my maiden name and still hold a German passport.

The Labour Party selected me as its candidate in this winnable marginal seat of Worcester and South Warwickshire. Many party members voted against staying in the Community in 1975, but 20 years on they, too, see Britain's future within Europe and are happy to admit their change of heart.

Following my selection, my Tory opponent issued a xenophobic press release doubting whether after 20 years in this country I had a right to participate in the democratic process. The result was a flurry of letters to the local press from members of the public supporting my candidacy. A European for the European election - this was seen to be appropriate and fitting, a breath of fresh air.

Yours sincerely,



Hereford and Worcestershire

The writer is Labour MEP candidate for Worcestershire and South Warwickshire.