Letter: How fear and ignorance cloud the debate about the age of consent

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Sir: Lady Olga Maitland does nothing to discourage my cynicism and lack of respect for MPs by her misinformed views about the homosexual age of consent and Aids (report, 20 January).

In opposing a reduction in the age of consent to 16, Lady Olga mentions the threat of Aids from male homosexual behaviour more than once. Yet only last week the British Medical Association declared its support for lowering the age of consent to 16 because of the threat of Aids. I gather the BMA and other professional organisations, believe this decriminalisation will make the task of health educators easier and will make it easier for young men to seek advice and support from appropriate professionals and organisations.

Is it not the task of our elected representatives to ensure they are well informed about matters they are to debate, and vote on, on our behalf?

Yours faithfully,


(Registered Nurse)


21 January