Letter: How green is your valley?

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Sir: Your article "How green is your party?" (26 March), ignored Plaid Cymru, although our policies are far more geared to sustainability that are those of the three main London-based parties.

Our programme for restoring full employment to Wales proposes investment and job creation in public transport, pollution control and energy conservation. We would fund our proposals partly through a carbon tax (whilst cutting VAT on domestic fuel), a "congestion tax" on car use in urban centres, and other environmental taxes.

Plaid Cymru's four MPs have been more active in the House of Commons in pursuing a green agenda. In conjunction with the Green Party and Friends of the Earth, I introduced two bills which were later taken up by other MPs and are now law: the Home Energy Conservation Act and the Road Traffic Reduction Act. In this election, Plaid Cymru and the Green Party are the only parties backing all the points in the Real World coalition's "action programme".

Although environmental issues are already higher up the election agenda than most commentators expected, this is not because of initiatives from the Tory, Labour and Liberal parties, but because of the widespread public annoyance about politicians trying to dodge the really important questions about sustainability and survival.


(Ceredigion and Pembroke North, Plaid Cymru)

House of Commons

London SW1