Letter: How many died at Jasenovac?

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Sir: In reply to Drago Stambuk (letter, 23 June), we do not condemn the present-day Croats for crimes committed by their parents or grandparents. But we rightly condemn them for falsifying history and destroying archives and memorials.

Well over 30,000 victims were killed at Jasenovac camp, though indeed if only one had been killed because of race or religion that would have been too many. Apart from Serbs and anti-fascist Croats they included 4,000 Jews from Bosnia, 20,000 from Croatia and some 28,000 Gypsies. Hundreds of the latter are listed by name and age in Milan Bulajic's documentation of the trial of the collaborator Artukovic.

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London, W11

23 June

The writer is the author of Destiny of Europe's Gypsies (Sussex University Press, 1972).