Letter: How not to treat the Daleks

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Sir: I am a 13-year-old Dr Who fanatic. I agree with David Lister in his letter to Steven Spielberg (11 March) that it is ludicrous to have an American play the part of 'Doctor' and Daleks screaming 'I will exterminate you' with an American accent. But Mr Lister is wrong to say that there has been no whiff of romance in the Doctor's life. In the book of the BBC series Doctor Who and the Aztecs, Carmeca, a female Aztec, turns to the Doctor and kisses him on both cheeks, saying, 'Oh sweet favoured man, you have declared your love for me, and I acknowledge and accept your gentle proposal.'

Steven Spielberg may think that anyone can escape a Dalek by nipping upstairs but at the end of the first episode of Remembrance of the Daleks, the Doctor gets trapped on a flight of steps while a Dalek floats up to him.

Lastly, Mr Lister mentions that the Doctor has no grandchildren. In fact, he has a granddaughter called Susan Foreman who left during the Dalek Invasion of Earth to get married.

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