LETTER : How single mothers manage their money

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Sir: I was distressed and saddened to read your story about Heather Moore struggling to live with her three-year-old child on income support and family allowance ("A mother's struggle in the heart of affluence", 10 February).

However, your story misses perhaps the most important point. Ms Moore lives on her own, having split up with the father of Kyle. A child is the product of a union between a man and a woman and both must bear responsibility for the child's upbringing. Quite rightly, Ms Moore chooses to devote her time to bringing up her son, but that should not absolve the father from financial responsibility.

The point of this story should be that Kyle's father should be making a contribution towards her up-keep and if he is not doing so, then the question should be asked why the Child Support Agency, set up to ensure that this is done, is not doing its job. Instead, other hardworking couples who take their responsibilities more seriously pay more taxes to foot the bill.

Yours sincerely,

Timothy West

Sudbury, Suffolk