Letter: How solving fewer crimes enables police to catch more criminals

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Sir: Your report on police detection rates certainly struck an echo in this school. Norfolk police - despite having an excellent schools liaison officer - have been unable to respond to incidents in and around the school.

A wave of cycle thefts by an organised gang brought no response until the threat of parent vigilante groups. In the end the school used some of its book money to construct a fortified compound.

A youth was caught red-handed in the changing rooms during the school play. Money was missing. It was six days before the police answered our call. No charges were brought by the police.

Reports this January (later proved unfounded) that drugs were on sale in an alleyway near the school brought no action until the intervention of the parish council two weeks later. Teachers and young people, constantly told of their failure to instil respect for law and order, are not best served by such practice.

Yours faithfully,



Hellesdon High School


24 February