Letter: How to demystify mathematics

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Sir: How I agree with Alison Wolf's article ('Where x = inadequate teaching', 23 August). I have for many years thought that not enough was being done when training maths and science teachers, especially those who were likely to teach in primary schools.

In my experience (school, university and industry), maths and science are intrinsically more difficult for the majority of us - I write as a 55-year-old arts graduate - than other subjects. Therefore more resources should be spent to ensure that the teaching of maths and science is delivered effectively and imaginatively, so that young people are not 'turned off' by the greater demands of these subjects.

Perhaps one way forward would be for an appropriate body, in collaboration with the Department for Education, to undertake some basic research into how the teaching of maths and science can be improved.

Yours faithfully,


Chesterfield, Derbyshire

23 August