Letter: How Turkey tries to protect its tourists

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Sir: I am writing to you regarding the recent tragic terrorist incidents that have occurred in Turkey, and the actions we have instigated to minimise their effect and likely repetition.

I should reassure you that we have been in frequent personal contact with the families of those involved. We cannot hope to allay the horror they have experienced, but we have endeavoured to ensure speedy communication between the family members and a comfortable return for those injured. The regret of our government at the most recent news of the fatality is immeasurable.

International terrorism affecting innocent people in this way is a tragedy of our age. Media reports on terrorist outrages somewhere in the world are all too common. Turkey is no exception to these attacks on the innocent. We recognise our duty to protect our citizens and visitors at all times. Like any nation we cannot guarantee 100 per cent immunity against terrorists and their chosen methods of attacks, but we have a positive programme in place with which to combat such occurrences. We know that even one terrorist incident is too many. Thankfully, as a result of the measures we are taking, Turkey has the lowest number of such occurrences among popular tourist destinations.

Yours faithfully,


Director UK & Ireland

Turkish Tourist Office

London, W1

29 June