Letter: How Welsh agency is building prosperity

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Sir: Much has appeared in your newspaper recently about the performance of the Welsh Development Agency. I feel that these reports need to be balanced with an understanding of how the agency is ensuring the revitalisation of Welsh communities and their economies.

Here in Llanelli, we have a massive programme of regeneration which would not be happening without our partnership with the WDA. Over the last three years, we have worked very closely and productively with all levels within the agency. The results are staggering - over 650 acres of industrial dereliction now being cleared and prepared for new homes, businesses and leisure facilities and a town centre redevelopment scheme which will put life back into the heart of Llanelli.

Without the commitment and support shown by the agency, we would not have been able to make this progress. The future of Llanelli is now looking good. Providing the Government does not impose a rurally-biased Carmarthenshire unitary authority on us, Llanelli can continue on the path to prosperity.

If our children and grandchildren are to have the quality of life they deserve, we need to preserve local government in Llanelli and our continued partnership with a strong, committed Welsh Development Agency.

Yours faithfully,


Mayor and Leader

Llanelli Borough Council



12 July