Letter: Humanism and clergy who do not believe

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Sir: As an evangelical Christian, I was interested to read Charles Oulton's article 'Bishop sacks clergyman who does not believe in God' (28 June) about the dismissal of the Rev Anthony Freeman by Dr Eric Kemp. At last someone has taken a stand against some of the blatantly unbiblical views expressed by an alarmingly high number of Anglican ministers.

I was, however, saddened by the opposition of a number of other priests to Mr Freeman's dismissal. While I agree that 'freedom of expression' is a vital right, and that each and every member of our society has the right to pursue their own religious belief, I cannot accept that atheism is a valid point of view for a church leader.

It is frankly ridiculous that someone who disagrees with historic Christian doctrine so fundamentally should be allowed to hold an office in the church. Tolerance is very important, and free expression something to be valued, but there are times and places for these things.

Yours faithfully,




28 July