Letter: Hunt angers country people too

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Sir: The idea the blood-sports issue is a debate between country person and ignorant townie ("Townies who would rule the country", 14 April) is yet another fallacy touted by the hunting fraternity.

People living in large cities naturally oppose the idea of killing animals simply for entertainment, but it is not a big issue for them. They are more likely to be concerned about people living rough on the streets. Just as many people living in rural areas, as has been shown by numerous opinion polls, are against blood sports and are much better informed on the issues, as they affect their daily lives.

The vast majority of our active support comes from people living in the country, many of whom have lived and worked there all their lives. The reason so many hunters apparently believe that everyone in the country favours blood sports is that they move in such limited social circles.



League Against Cruel Sports.

London SE1