Letter: Hunt angers country people too

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Sir: Lesley Ellis (letter, 12 April) has misrepresented the National Trust. The trust's council is mandated to implement policy which is formulated to best represent the wishes of a majority of the membership.

As a member of the trust, Lesley Ellis is able to take part in the debate through their regular publications and general meetings. She must be aware that in recent years the trust has commissioned a number of reports on the management of land, and control of deer population, in response to resolutions of general meetings. Following publication of those reports, the council decided in favour of the hunting status quo.

However, one omission from those reports was any consideration of animal welfare. That omission has now been corrected after a further members' resolution. As a result of the latest report, the council's decision to ban stag-hunting is the proper one. It is fully respecting the views of the majority of members who have expressed an opinion on the subject, and is not being bullied by anybody. Should the trust now go on and ban fox-hunting and fishing on its land? Of course it should if that is what the membership wants.


Stockport, Cheshire