Letter: Hunt on the cheap

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YOUR ARTICLE "Hunts ride where walkers are barred" (December 19) does not mention that hunt members are just that: members of a club who pay a subscription and have a fund specifically for making good any inadvertent damage done by them. They meet at specific times and at specific places so they can be monitored and brought to account for any mishap. A solitary rider or group of riders who wanted to ride out off rights of way would be just as much banned as a solitary walker of group of walkers wandering off rights of way.

Hunts pay for the privilege (dirty word?) of going on private land, but hunting is democratic and anyone can join a hunt and pay a subscription; and for those who do not have horses and want to follow on foot the subscription is small, in most cases not more than pounds 10.

Join a hunt and stop moaning about lack of access.