Letter: Hunters - turn to the mountains

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Sir: Barry Leathwood (letter, 11 July) criticises Charlie Pye- Smith's estimate of the impact that a hunt ban would have on rural jobs. There is much confusion over this issue. Let me put the record straight.

If hunting is banned we estimate that about 14,000 jobs will be lost directly. These are made up as follows. Employees of kennels and hunt establishments: 910. Stable staff of hunt followers whose prime task is looking after hunters: 3,000. Equestrian trade (fodder, bedding, saddlery, clothing): 3,415. Equestrian industry (vets, farriers, livery yards): 5,486. Hotels, horse boxes, garages: 1,000

The number of 60,000 jobs quoted referred to the people employed directly in all field sports, including shooting and fishing and is based on an extensive report done by Cobham Resources and published in May 1997.


Deputy Chairman

British Field Sports Society

London SE11