Letter: Hunting is a fact of country life

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From Mr and Mrs Hugh Berger

Sir: With regard to John McFall MP's upcoming Wild Mammals (Protection) Bill, it may be regrettable, but it is, nevertheless, a fact of nature that most of the animal kingdom hunts.

Hunting is a fact of country life, not only for the pink-coated, gouty squire of the politically correct public imagination but also for songbirds, kingfishers, otters and foxes and there is precious little that the International Fund for Animal Welfare or anyone else can do about it.

Hunting with hounds and, indeed, fishing and falconry are an integral part of country life. The fact of hunting not only preserves the countryside and its wildlife, but, just as importantly, the values and society of the country.

Yours faithfully,



London, W11

27 February