Letter: I didn't vote for war in 1997

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YOU SAY "most of Nato's bombs have found their target but too many have not" (Leading article, 9 May). Your idea of "too many" seems to be about 0.1 per cent at the most.

And what "military bungling" has characterised the war, as you suggest? In fact it has been a quite extraordinary feat to have successfully co- ordinated this military effort which, after almost eight weeks, has not resulted in the loss of one aircrew in action. If you mean by "military bungling" the decision not to use ground troops in action, I hope you realise that this would have meant the deaths of very large numbers of Kosovars.

Tony Blair represents only about 5 per cent of the population of Nato's states. He has to go along with our allies, once we are committed to war, even if he disagrees with some aspects of the consensual policy.