Letter: If British livestock did not travel ...

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Sir: May I correct the otherwise good coverage in the media of the protests under way against live animal transportation to the Continent.

Shoreham Harbour is controlled by Shoreham Port Authority, whose offices are based in Southwick, West Sussex. However, the harbour waters run parallel to the main coast road, and from Shoreham run alongside the towns of Portslade and Southwick, before finishing at the main harbour entrance in Hove, East Sussex. It is here, or the sea front road in Hove, and not Shoreham, that the protesters gather each night to halt the lorries.

On behalf of the beleaguered residents of Hove, many of whom are out each night in the bitter cold opposing this cruel trade, I would ask journalists reporting this story to get our location right.

Yours faithfully, J. WILLIAMS Hove, East Sussex