Letter: Ignore IRA's bomb warnings

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Sir: I would like to support Roy Jenkins' suggestion, which I heard on the television, that it is time we stopped taking responsibility for the outcome of IRA action.

In the last war, when tram travel became unreliable, I bought a bicycle to travel the daily seven miles to work between Lee Green and Blackfriars. When notices notified unexploded bombs, we just walked carefully round them and continued on our way. The war certainly would have been lost if we'd waited for them to be cleared away. It is quite ridiculous to allow a few telephone calls to disrupt the whole business of any area.

The Government should first state that the IRA is entirely responsible for any destruction or casualties arising from IRA activities, then give warnings of telephone calls of possible danger and let ordinary citizens get on with whatever business they wish. I'm sure present-day workers have as much determination as their forebears not to be beaten into submission by an enemy.


Chelmsford, Essex