Letter: I'm afraid I can't tell you that ...

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HENRY PORTER ("News not fit to print", 1 February) tells us he "can think of one powerful individual ... who has harassed and threatened scores of women. Many will know his name but I cannot use it here because he has never had to answer in court for the fear and hurt he's caused."

Well, I'm all for law-breakers being brought to justice, and getting the punishment they deserve. But I had enough of est- ablishment figures behaving as your columnist when the "son of a Cabinet minister" was discovered selling drugs. There's something rather showy in adults saying: "I know, but I can't tell you" - a childish game of one-upmanship, with we mere readers obviously not mixing in the right circles, or else we would also be enlightened.

Incidentally, why doesn't Mr Porter give out the information on the Internet? That led to the Jack Straw disclosure, and might mean a similar result here.

Tim Mickleburgh

Grimsby, Lincolnshire