LETTER : In defence of military training

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From Professor Michael T. Sweeney

Sir: I read with interest that Roger Trapp was somewhat surprised to learn that high-flyers in the armed forces are going to a management school for training (Section Two; "Soldiers under orders from captains of industry", 22 February).

This is not, however, a new initiative. During the last 10 years a considerable number of uniformed officers from the three armed forces, civil servants from the Ministry of Defence and business managers from the defence industry have studied for either a one-year full-time or two-year part-time higher degree in defence administration (MDA). This course is run by Cranfield University at the Royal Military College of Science.

We have long recognised the educational benefits of gaining an understanding of the management methods used in both civilian and military organisations.

Yours sincerely,

Michael T. Sweeney

Director, School of

Defence Management

Royal Military College

of Science

Shrivenham, Wiltshire