Letter: In fear of Saddam, four years on

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Sir: The second of August 1994 marks the fourth anniversary of Iraq's invasion of Kuwait, the onset of a period of massive destruction, overwhelming and indiscriminate cruelty, and callous murder of innocent people. Those who were held as part of the 'Human Shield' - and their relatives - will remember the period with great pain; as do we Kuwaitis.

At a time when all of us feel optimistic about the steady strengthening of the peace process in the Middle East, we must not forget the threat which Saddam Hussein still represents. He has not yet met UN demands. He still lays claim to Kuwaiti soil. He rejects the boundary between our countries which was demarcated by a UN commission. He continues to hold several hundred hostages of several nationalities. Even Iraqis are not safe from his ministrations: he is actively persecuting both Kurds and Shia Muslims within his own borders.

So, on this anniversary, while we applaud the progress towards peace, let us not forget that Saddam Hussein has the capacity to destroy all that has been achieved in the region. The civilised world must keep up the pressure - particularly through the UN sanctions - on this tyrannical regime.

Yours faithfully,



Embassy of the State of Kuwait

London, SW7

1 August

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