Letter: In memory of other Americans at Oxford

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Sir: In contrast to Jim White's painfully accurate account ('A nod to tradition', 9 June) of the ballyhoo and publicity-seeking surrounding President Clinton's honorary degree ceremony at Oxford, may I draw attention to

another event, which passed unnoticed? This was the D-Day memorial service commemorating those who served with Supreme Headquarters Allied Command, held in Keble College Chapel on 2 June.

Attended by a large number of veterans and guests from Britain, Canada and the United States, it was organised by Alan Reeves, the American Commander of the Shaef Veterans Association, who after demobilisation read philosophy at Keble and who gave the address. This dignified and moving service could not have contrasted more strongly with the cynical exploitation of D-Day and its associations which characterised President Clinton's visit.

Yours sincerely,



10 June

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