Letter: In praise of banks and bank managers

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Sir: Of course, Angela Lambert is totally justified in her diatribe against the banks, bank charges, and bank managers.

The question is, what can any of us mere customers do about it? The banks make the rules, they set the goal posts, and, while the Big Four dominate by their monopoly of the clearing system, no one else can seriously compete.

Could we customers swamp the Monopolies Commission with requests for an examination of the banks' business? Or perhaps invite the Office of Fair Trading to examine their practices? Certainly the banking ombudsman is no use, and the banks themselves dismiss all complaints with a light laugh.

When everyone you meet is grumbling bitterly about their bank, is the best we can all do really just to stand there wondering where the hell they've put the goal posts now?

Yours faithfully,


Chudleigh, Devon

8 March